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What to Do When You Find Out Someone is a Rapist: A Handy Guide

So you've just learned someone is a rapist! Maybe it's a celebrity you like. Maybe it's an old friend or a relative. Maybe it's an artist whose work you deeply respect. Maybe it wasn't rape, but some other sexual assault. Maybe it was sexual harassment or some other act that made someone deeply uncomfortable. Maybe it's a man that abused his wife. Maybe it's someone who abused children.

What do you do?

Well, I'll tell you! It's just four easy steps:
Believe the victim.Cut the rapist/assaulter/harasser out. Whether it's from your friendship or your workplace or Hollywood or Washington DC.Don't support the rapist/assaulter/harasser anymore. Don't give them your time, your money, your votes, or your support.Warn others, whatever that means to the situation.  It's harder than that, I know. It's complicated when the rapist producer produced every fucking film ever made. It's challenging when you have to interact with the asshole at…

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