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Being miserable is not sustainable

They say that no one can make you feel inferior without your permission, but when someone is virtually in charge of you or holds a measure of power over you, yes they absolutely fucking can. An abusive partner or parent can. A senior colleague or supervisor can.  A bully can. A person who holds more societal power than you absolutely fucking can make you feel inferior with or without your permission and pretending otherwise, putting on this sunshine power bullshit doesn't change the fact that one person can potentially make your life miserable and suck out your soul.

I've struggled with this in the past and I struggle with it now. Am I more susceptible to it because of my childhood abuse? I'm guessing the fuck so. Am I triggered by condescension and belittling, you fucking betcha. Is this something I talk about every two weeks in therapy? AYUP. But it will take lifelong work, this coping thing, and, in the meantime, I don't think it's necessarily up to me to own m…

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