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You and Everything You Like and Believe In are Fucked Up

Does that sound hyperbolic? It's supposed to. It's also true.

Nobody is perfect. Nothing is perfect. You are hopelessly flawed, everyone else is hopelessly flawed, and everything you enjoy is problematic.
Still with me? FOOLS! This post is going to be rambling. Sorrynotsorry.

Seriously though, I'm fucking done with the purity tests I see around me every fucking day.

Exhibit A: I completely believe that what ushered in this current presidential administration (besides racism and Russia) were the GOP's purity tests the last few decades. When any moderate Republicans were pushed out and labeled RINOs, the shit-for-brains ideologically subservient people who grabbed those seats absolutely 100% enabled the current Orange Sideshow. They will never ever have the temerity to stand up and do their fucking jobs and anyone who previously had any modicum of integrity has been pushed into the shadows. That's the path to extremism. That's what happens when you squelch dissen…

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